At times individuals, small businesses, corporations, buyers, sellers, developers and managing agents engage in transactions, the terms of which need to be documented in a contract or agreement.  In addition to the various contracts and agreements addressed elsewhere in this website, the attorneys of Mehran Law, PLLC are experienced in providing representation in drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements for a wide variety of circumstances, including those discussed below.

Commercial or Specialized Leasing


At Mehran Law, PLLC, we are experienced in drafting and reviewing commercial lease agreements for local and national chains including "big box" tenants, restaurants, franchises, small retail stores, office space, and more.  Signing an unfavorable lease can impact you and your business for many years to come. Our clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties know that it is in their best interest to work with our attorneys with lease experience, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.  Call us to learn how we can make the difference for you.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing leases must meet certain requirements and contain very specific conditions.  Affordable housing developers can best protect their interests by having their leases prepared by an experienced Long Island attorney, like those at Mehran Law, PLLC.

Grant Writing

The process of applying for funding through government or foundation grants is known as grant writing.  There are often very specific qualifications and conditions that must be met in order to secure funding through a grant. Engaging the services of Mehran Law, PLLC for your grant writing needs vastly improves your chances of being approved for a grant.

Affordable Housing/Development

A real estate developer or agency seeking to create affordable housing may apply for grants to defray the costs of creating and operating the development.   We have experience in all legal aspects of affordable housing development, including grant writing.

Not-for-Profit Funding

Charities and other not-for-profit organizations may be able to supplement their fund-raising efforts or even be fully funded by grants, but to be successful in obtaining this kind of funding takes a skilled and experienced grant writer.  Contact us to see how we can help you with all your grant writing needs.


Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

An Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is a business development agency created by state law.  Businesses apply to the IDA for tax credits/breaks when developing within that local municipality.  It's a highly technical and involved process in which a business must display a certain benefit to the community (i.e. job creation) to  qualify.

Artisans and Trades Agreements
Artisans or Trades Agreements are specific industry trades/union contracts and terms which must be constructed in compliance with Labor/Trade agreements and/or Federal/State requirements (i.e. Davis Bacon; Nassau County Living Wage Law; Union Rates/Job Codes/Descriptions, etc.).  We can draw up trades agreements that meet all requirements for plumbers, electricians and other artisans.

When a developer or contractor wishes to develop a particular property for commercial use, there are many considerations which must be taken into account including zoning laws, construction code, resistance from the community and more.  Working with an attorney, like us, who is experienced in all these aspects gives you a greater chance of success with the development and avoids having issues arise in the future due to issues that are overlooked during the development phase.


Like commercial development, residential development is also subject to many regulations, with even more safety considerations than commercial construction.  Working with an attorney experienced in residential development will make the process go more smoothly in both the long and short term.  Call us to discuss your planned project and to see how we can assist.

Construction Contracts

Like most transactions, construction projects tend to go more smoothly when there is a detailed written contract which covers not only the cost and scope of the work, but materials, completion date, liabilities and expectations.  The larger the project, the more detail is required.  Never just sign the contract the contractor provides.  Have it reviewed by an experienced attorney to make sure that your needs and concerns are adequately addressed.


A lien is placed on a property when the property owner owes money to another, resulting from a judgement against them, a loan, or any other legitimate reason.  It means that the owner cannot transfer ownership of the property without first fulfilling the amount of the lien.  The attorneys of Mehran Law, PLLC are experienced both in having liens placed on properties and clearing liens that have been placed.  Call us to see how we can help you with placing or clearing a lien.

Mechanic's Liens

Mechanic's Liens are a specific type of lien that can be placed on a property when a contractor (or mechanic) completes work on a premises and does not receive payment.  If you are engaged in a business that does improvement work on premises belonging to others, having Mehran Law, PLLC in your corner can help to make sure you get paid.