Personal Civil Litigation and Lawsuits

When things go wrong even on a non-business level, a lawsuit, or litigation may ensue.  Sometimes the suit is between a person and a business or just two persons.  Whether you are being sued or you have been wronged or suffered a loss or injury and you wish to sue, call Mehran Law PLLC for a consultation.

General Liability

Liability is defined as, “the state of being responsible for something, especially by law.”  General liability refers to any situation that doesn’t fall into any of the other categories listed here, or outside of the scope of business law in which either you believe someone else is responsible for some sort of loss or someone else believes you are and has filed suit against you.  Our experience in litigation with both prosecution and defense of liability claims makes us the ideal attorneys to assist you with your case.

Insurance Disputes

We like to believe that our insurer is fully behind us, but sometimes they rule that they don’t cover what we think they cover, our insurance coverage isn’t adequate in amount or other issue that leaves us in an unexpectedly vulnerable position.

Declaratory Judgment Actions

When an insurance company decides that your loss is not covered by their policy, they may commence a declaratory judgment action seeking an order from the Court stating that you have no coverage and must incur the financial liability of the loss on your own.  Alternatively, should the insurance company merely deny coverage, you have the right to commence a declaratory judgment action seeking an order from the Court that your policy was in effect at the time of your loss and that said loss is covered by your policy.  Don’t let your insurance company lead you to believe that your policy doesn’t cover your loss.  Take the time to contact Mehran Law, PLLC and let us advise you.

Coverage Issues

When we suffer a loss, file a claim and get paid, insurance is working the way we believe it should work, but when our claim is denied, we may suffer a significant financial loss and be given the impression that there is no recourse.  This is when it makes sense to engage a competent and experienced business lawyer, like us to review your situation and help you decide whether to initiate litigation against the insurer, and to represent you in that litigation.


Subrogation is when an insurance company pursues a third party who they believe is responsible for a loss to their insured.  An example in business is if a contractor does electrical work on a business’ premises and a fire results.  The insurance company may choose to pay the insured for the loss due to fire, but through subrogation, seek repayment from the contractor or their insurer because the fire may have resulted from their actions or inaction.

If you are the subject of subrogation action, you need adequate legal representation, especially if the claim exceeds the limits of liability on your insurance policy or if you are uninsured.  Call us to learn how we can help.


Businesses need to meet many legal and regulatory requirements.  At times, you may find that knowingly or unwittingly, you are in violation of one or more of these.  Entering into the process without adequate legal representation can end up costing you much more than if you had engaged an attorney.  Don’t go at it alone.  Call Mehran Law, PLLC to learn how we can help you.

Traffic Violations

The most frequent violations or infractions that people face in business and in day to day life are traffic violations.  Being found guilty of a traffic infraction can cost you in many ways.  Not only will you pay the fine, but the points on your license or that of an employee might even result in a license suspension, which might make it hard for you to do business.  Your insurance rates are also likely to increase.  When you engage Mehran Law, PLLC to defend you against traffic violations, we may be able to get the offense reduced to one without points, saving you money and aggravation over the long term.

Building Code Violations

Building codes are put in place to ensure that buildings are safe for the people who use them, but sometimes it feels like they are a trap, especially if you were unaware of the code before you were served with a notice of violation. The county and town know the ins and outs of the building code much better than the person who receives a notice of violation, so it is in your best interest to have an experienced lawyer, like those at Mehran Law, PLLC defending you.

Fire Code

Like building code violations, you might not even be aware of the fire code before being served a notice of violation, but that is not enough to save you from the penalties that may ensue.  Call us for a free consultation about your fire code violation.

Vendor Disputes

In the course of business, one may deal with many vendors, or be a vendor to other companies.  When a dispute arises over payment, delivery or timing of goods or services, or quality and satisfaction, the disagreement may come to litigation.  You may firmly believe you are in the right, but your conviction doesn’t provide the same protection as having legal representation by a competent and experienced business lawyer.

Nuisance/Property Disputes

Property and nuisance disputes have gone on for as long as people have had a permanent location next to other people.  The property boundaries could be in dispute, or the use of the property, such as noise, parking, traffic, overgrowth of vegetation, pest control and more.  In some cases, the party which believes they are being wronged will initiate a lawsuit against the offending party.  The attorneys at Mehran Law, PLLC can defend you in a property or nuisance lawsuit, or help you to file one if you are the aggrieved party.  Our experience in litigation will see you through to the best possible resolution of the conflict.

Asset Protection

Even in times of financial downturn, it’s important to keep in mind the long term goal of preserving your assets and those of your business.  Faced with collections or foreclosure, engaging an attorney who is experienced in helping business owners protect their assets can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Defense Against Creditors/Debt Collectors

When an unpaid balance results in litigation against you, or the debt collectors are hounding you, a strong defense attorney may save you more than it costs.  Don’t go at it alone.  Call Mehran Law, PLLC.

Foreclosure Defense

If you receive notice that your property is in foreclosure, hiring an experienced litigation attorney is the smart choice.  Financial institutions count on having an advantage over the individual, and having appropriate legal representation helps to level the field.

Lemon Law

As a business owner, you may find yourself on either side of a lemon law dispute.  You could be the manufacturer of a product that has given the purchaser trouble repeatedly and they institute a lemon law claim against you, or you may be the unfortunate consumer who purchased a product that has caused repeated problems.  The attorneys at Mehran Law, PLLC are experienced litigators who have represented both sides of these types of lawsuits.  Having us on your side greatly increases your chances of success.


Often, a dispute can be settled before it ever reaches a courtroom through mediation and/or arbitration, saving the parties time and money.  If mediation or arbitration are an option, it is often the best choice for you.  Mehran Law, PLLC recognized the advantages to our clients in utilizing mediation and arbitration, and we are experienced in making it happen, much to our clients’ benefit.

Representing Municipalities in Complex Litigation

There are many attorneys in the legal field, but the best attorney for a municipality to use when involved in complex litigation is one with experience in dealing with litigation involving municipalities.  See our About Us page for more about our background in working with municipalities.