Forming a Not-for-Profit Organization

There are roughly two dozen types of not-for-profit organizations outlined in the IRS code, but the vast majority are formed as 501c(3) corporations, which includes religious institutions, some schools, food pantries, pet rescues and a wide variety of organizations created for the public good.  These organizations generally receive funding though donations, membership dues, fundraising or grants, and all of their income is tax deductible.  They are also exempt from paying taxes on purchases and real estate.

However, there are several different types of formations for non-profits which vary by state, and not all non-profits are necessarily tax exempt.  Working with an experienced attorney who really understands all of the different facets of establishing a non-profit and meeting both the state and federal requirements will ensure that your application is approved and prevent you from running into problems later on.  At Mehran Law, PLLC, our convenient Mineola location helps us to keep our rates more affordable than city attorneys, which is a real benefit to our non-profit clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties.

Grant Writing for Non-Profit Funding

In addition to donations, membership dues and fundraising drives, not-for-profit organizations can obtain funding through grants from government entities or various foundations.  To be successful in applying for grant money, it is best to work with an attorney who understands all the restrictions and requirements involved in the grant writing process.  Our location in the heart of Long Island makes it convenient and affordable to work with us.  Call Mehran Law, PLLC for a consultation on how we can help you secure more funding for your non-profit organization.