Corporate Litigation

Our attorneys represent our business clients in litigation in the areas of business and corporate, commercial, municipal,  and not-for-profit law.

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Business & Corporate Law

Our attorneys represent our business clients in litigation in the areas of business and corporate, commercial, municipal,  and not-for-profit law.

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Contracts and Agreements

The attorneys of Mehran Law, PLLC represent individuals, small businesses, corporations, buyers, sellers, developers and managing agents for a variety of matters.

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Civil Litigation

Let Mehran Law PLLC represent your best interests in any lawsuit or other legal action arising from service problems, disagreements, insurance issues, traffic infractions and more.

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You Are Not Alone

When legal matters arise, it's not unusual to find yourself in  unfamiliar territory, dealing with matters and processes that may not be very clear. Getting appropriate legal representation may be the most important thing you can do under such circumstances.  The cost of not getting it right the first time may far exceed the cost of engaging legal assistance.  We treat all of our clients with the same attention and respect regardless of the value of your case because your case is most valuable to you.

The attorneys at Mehran Law, PLLC have the capability and experience to provide prompt and personalized service on a broad range of complex and significant matters.  Our clients range in size from individuals and small businesses to major corporations and municipalities throughout Nassau and Suffolk and Queens Counties.  Our Mineola office is conveniently located in the heart of Long Island.

Whether you are being sued or need to initiate a lawsuit, entering into a contract or agreement or looking to establish and fund a 501c3 corporation, we can provide the legal guidance and representation you need.

We build strong working relationships with all of our clients and make sure that each one receives the same professional and personal respect and service.

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Our Areas of Focus are Civil & Business Litigation and General Business Law

Just as there are specialties within the field of medicine, lawyers tend to focus on specific areas of the law.  Sometimes, in medicine, a generalist will suffice, but if there's much at stake, engaging the right specialist is the best choice.  Would you ask your family doctor or general practitioner to perform surgery?  I would hope not!  You would look for a doctor who is experienced in the procedure you need.

It's the same with law.  While all attorneys have the same law degree (Juris Doctor), their experience is what sets them apart from others.  Mehran Law, PLLC has extensive experience in representing clients in litigation and business matters, throughout New York, and we stick to what we do best.  We don't handle criminal cases, immigration or many other fields of law.  We do litigation and business!

Not only is experience with the area of practice you need important, but familiarity with the local court system can mean the difference between a timely resolution to your issue and a set of long delays.  Call us today to learn what the Mehran Law difference can mean to you.

Robert Mehran at Supreme Court

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Call us for a free consultation.  The most expensive thing you can do in business is enter into the wrong contract or agreement.  Make Mehran Law, PLLC a part of your Nassau, Suffolk or Queens County business team.