Whether you are being sued, need to initiate a lawsuit or have to be in a Nassau, Suffolk or Queens County court for other reasons, a strong litigation attorney can be your greatest asset.


Business and Corporate Law

Proper legal representation can make all the difference in your business entity formations and dissolutions, operating agreements, commercial real estate leases and more.

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Contracts and Agreements

Let Mehran Law, PLLC prepare or review your business agreements from our convenient Long Island office before you sign to be certain that your interests will be protected.

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Not-for-Profit Matters

Running a 501c3 non-profit corporation requires compliance with a great number of legal requirements. Let us help you with formations, dissolutions, funding and grant writing.

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Also available for per diem legal services

Law firms that are in need of assistance on a per diem basis are welcome to contact us to learn how we can work together.