In business, as in life, sometimes agreements are broken, trust is lost and relationships fall apart.  Perhaps there’s been less than honest financial dealings,  or someone has suffered a financial loss due to another party’s actions or inaction.  A lawsuit may result.  Regulating agencies may also bring action against a business.  Individuals may also find themselves dealing with a dispute with a vendor, landlord/tenant or in another civil matter. Our business is protecting the interests of our clients in times like these.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in both the prosecution and defense of matters before federal and state courts, including the appellate level, governmental agencies and arbitration tribunals in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties.  We also provide our clients with day-to-day counseling and supervision of compliance with federal and state regulations. Some of the areas in which we represent our clients are discussed below.

Corporate and Business Disputes

When we start a business with others, we like to believe that our strong relationship will outlive any business issues that arise, but often, that is not the case, even when the partners are family members.  Having a good business lawyer, like Mehran Law, PLLC on your team is a smart business strategy.

Dissolution of Business Entities

Whether due to a disagreement between co-owners, death of a partner, failure of a business or any other reason, there often comes a time when a business entity needs to be dissolved.  If the parties can come to an amicable agreement, the attorneys at Mehran Law PLLC can assist them in making sure that all regulations pertaining to dissolution of a business are met, so they can walk away from the business with peace of mind.  If the parties cannot come to an agreement and the situation is adversarial, it will often be decided in the courtroom.  This is where the Long Island law firm of Mehran Law, PLLC can make all the difference between a resolution you can live with and one that results in significant financial loss.

Shareholder or Member Disputes

There may come a time when the shareholders in a corporation or members of an LLC cannot agree on matters small or large.  One or more of the people involved may file a lawsuit against the others.  Whether you are the aggrieved party looking to initiate the lawsuit or the party against whom the suit has been filed, Mehran Law, PLLC can guide you through the process as your legal representation with our experience and expertise in the field.

Disputes Between Businesses

It is an unfortunate truth that disputes between businesses are not at all unusual.  Vendors may fail to deliver or deliver faulty merchandise.  Customers may fail to pay vendors.  Inadequate security measures by another company may expose the personal data of a company’s clients. The list of possible scenarios is long and varied, but what they have in common is that they may all end up being decided in court.  Our deep experience with litigation and the New York State Court system gives us the competitive edge over other business attorneys.

Contract Disputes

Good business practices involve written contracts for all business conducted, so there is no question regarding the expectations of each party.  Nevertheless, contracts are sometimes broken.  The parties fail to live up to their responsibilities under the contract, whether intentionally or due to circumstances beyond their control.  Sometimes there is an aspect of a contract that can be construed in more than one way and that results in a dispute.  Whether you are the wronged party or defending yourself against a lawsuit regarding a contract dispute, Mehran Law, PLLC’s experience on both sides of the aisle makes us your most valuable ally.